Comparison Trap

  1. Finding difficulty in appreciating others accomplishments.
  2. Always have a feeling that I am not enough or I am not doing well in relation to others.
  3. Having a feeling of dissatisfaction or resentment even after achieving great things.
  1. Does it happen when we see some post on social media?
  2. Does it happen when others receive praise?
  3. Does it happen when we talk to a certain people who make us believe in thinking that way?
  1. Practice Gratitude and start everyday by counting blessings.
  2. Celebrate others accomplishments.
  3. Embrace the fact that we all are unique and have different journeys.
  4. Try to look beyond superficial things.
  5. Disconnect to connect means take conscious breaks from social media if it affects your sanity.
  6. Be mindful of having conversation with people like the kind of discussion you have.
  7. Accept yourself with flaws.
  8. Keep a record of your accomplishments.
  9. Try to focus on becoming a better version of yourself.




HR Professional & NLP Coach

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Attia Usman Ansari

Attia Usman Ansari

HR Professional & NLP Coach

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