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I often get this question from people who wanted to make use of NLP in the field of HR so one of the questions that I have been asked by people over a period of time is as follow:

How does working on emotions help us to be better at handling or managing people?

Let’s suppose you have an internal belief that I can’t be good enough. Now imagine if your boss or team mate everyday criticise your work, pin point your mistakes and show phases like “ you are a complete disgrace”, “kuch nai hota tumsey” or “you won’t able to do it”.

Deep down, you believe that you are not good enough. Now the effect is going to be multiplied just by listening to those phases. You find yourself avoiding the possibility of doing things better and taking initiatives will become a distant thought. You may experience low self esteem and buy that insult as a reality. Something that confirms your hidden belief and now you are experiencing dip in your work. Now low self esteem will undermine your confidence level and you may stop questioning yourself.

People around you will also find you low on energy or slow and may think “Boss is saying absolutely right about him”. Now you start listening to the same stuff in your surroundings like it spread like a wild fire and started affecting your reputation as an employee. You may get all the labels like “slow Sabun hai”, “does not have a spark”, “low potential”.

Just because you don’t choose to work on yourself. You are in a very difficult situation and even you don’t how to come out of that situation.

Imagine the same employee choose to go through coaching and work on changing that belief “I can’t be good enough” to “I have all within me” or “I can do great”.

Now the same employee is going to question his boss or colleague, be open to feedback and look for ways to improve. He/she will start bringing results and the same boss will realise his/her worth as a team member which previously considered him/her lacking ability to listen , challenge or improve.

It only happened because you worked on yourself to become a better version of yourself.

You may write back to me to know more about the subject.

Thank you 🙏




HR Professional & NLP Coach

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Attia Usman Ansari

Attia Usman Ansari

HR Professional & NLP Coach

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