If you have chosen HR as a profession then don’t forget it’s all about managing people and people vary the way they behave, deal with situations and look at life. Here I don’t mean to emphasise on the philosophical part as I agree that we all have different theories about life. But how they react to workplace situations including the so called concept of reward and punishment.

Let’s take a look at the types of people you encounter at workplace wearing the HR hat. Though I am very much against putting labels at people after experiencing insights as an NLP Coach but for the time being let’s emphasise on categorising people for good:

My most favourite are the super smart kids who have solution to every problem. Focused more on results and creating value. Such behaviour is depicted by most of the people at the time of joining the organisation especially the youngsters. Like you give them random pieces and they are willing to put time and efforts to complete the puzzle. Kudos to such energy bulbs or in other words solar panels, who absorb the energy to light others world.

Then comes the noisy one or too loud to make sense of anything. They are like truck horns, ready to challenge your sanity with all the unwanted noise. Even they come easy with complain even on the most bright days of life. The pain in the neck and people forget to notice them if they stop honking around. They only grab their attention by saying things loud. Low on wisdom perhaps intelligence too. The workplace become dull without their stories of terror. Relatable ! haha even I find them too.

Then comes the energy vampires aka mosquitoes who derive pleasure in draining your blood and ready to give you dengue as an unwanted gift. They have all the things that they want you to get them done because they can’t. Insey hota hi na lol. They run their lives even their bank balance by finding ways to delegate the last ounce of work from their plate to claim credit later. They are super proud of it as the world owes them.

Then there are people who are like carts. If you push them in the right direction then they give their best otherwise if they get in the wrong hands then you actually called for real devastation. Kachey kano key loog.

They there are people who deserves a special place in the matrimonial club. Their job is to remind you every-time how dull your life is without marriage, kids and the phase “clock is ticking”. Even they find two colleagues simply exchange greetings, they name it love in progress. They are like stains at the floor like you have to get used to of them as it’s hard to get rid of them. They have a gift of making everything big so you if you say something small not even worthy of noticing like “ there are jobs in Australia”, they translate it as she got job in Australia and moving for good.

They there are the silent whispers , too frail to make a noise but their eyes see everything like surveillance camera. They only open their mouth at the right time infront of right people for the right reasons. People ignore them by considering them harmless. We call them “clever people”.😂

Apologies if someone find those categories identical to them, all categories are fictional and described to remind you of the little hell.

Welcome to the corporate world 🙏




HR Professional & NLP Coach

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Attia Usman Ansari

Attia Usman Ansari

HR Professional & NLP Coach

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